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Atexpats Partnership

We’re delighted to extend to you this invitation to partner with Atexpats, the most in-depth online information resource for foreign residents in this city. Our free service for local expats is designed to bridge the various communities who have made their home in this city and to provide them with the best and most useful information available to make their easier. At the same time, we offer local businesses a platform to serve the international community here in their own languages. We are currently seeking to co-operate with related businesses with a view to extending and improving our services to resident foreigners.

Major Online Shopping Malls

Our online services are optimised to be of value to local shopping portals, helping them to connect to a wider range of customers.

We offer:
- Product hosting on Atexpats with multi-lingual descriptions for broader accessibility to inter national customers, increasing your site traffic.
- Fine-tuned controls on how your products feature on our website.

Real Estate Franchises

With the most detailed information available on local properties, Atexpats offers an ideal supplementary service for promoting your listings to a wide range of high-potential target expat markets.

We offer:
- Property hosting on Atexpats for display to international customers, increasing traffic to your listings.
- Hook in to Atexpats’ remarkable properties database to provide your potential clients with even more in-depth information about each available living space