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  • [Auckland] New Zealand’s Visas

    There are many roads to one country.

    If there’s one thing that pretty much every New Zealander is convinced of, it’s that they have a beautiful country. Love it or hate it, New Zealand has a lot going for it in terms of looks – and if you’re thinking of staying here for that reason alone, you wouldn’t be the first. There are a great deal of options for foreigners who want to enter New Zealand for short or long-term stays, and it is one of the countries that allows for a path to full citizenship for non-nationals. It’s not the

  • [Auckland] English Language Schools

    How does this country’s English education rate?

    New Zealand’s English industry has grown enormously since its first tentative opening to the international education market in the late 1990s. Once considered a budget option for ESL learners who couldn’t afford to study in a larger country such as the United States, New Zealand’s market position as an English study destination is now far more favourable, with many students seriously considering undertaking their studies here purely based on its reputation for high standards alone – and as a

  • [Auckland] Public & Private Schools

    Just how much of a difference is there between what’s expensive and what’s free?

    Living as an expat is never exactly easy, but it has its distinct advantages. Things are different when children come along, however, and suddenly so much that you took for granted in your own country comes under question – about the most important issue of which revolves around schooling. You may have been sold on New Zealand for its clean air, relaxed culture, and ridiculously delicious confectionery – but are New Zealand’s super-easygoing schools really going to give your kid the kind of

  • [Auckland] New Zealand’s Universities

    The academic flame of the nation.

    Things used to be very simple in New Zealand – one country, one university, and it was free to attend. Those were the days of the University of New Zealand , a federal educational institution with four campuses established in the country’s largest cities of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. It lasted for almost 100 years before being dissolved and its power to confer degrees given over to the boards of each former constituent college. It wasn’t New Zealand’s first university –

  • [Auckland] Auckland’s Coffee Culture

    Don’t believe the Australians – the flat white is ours.

    Watching Aucklanders while away their precious leisure hours at central-city cafés, you might be forgiven for thinking that an addiction to caffeine has never been anything less than the norm here. In fact, for most of the last century (as with any country sporting a Union Jack on their flag) the whole of New Zealand was a bastion of English tea, with coffee regarded as a somewhat less refined choice, preferred by those on society’s decadent edge. There were cafés in Auckland – usually

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