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  • The Montessori Method

    Developing great minds.

    Expats are an unusual breed in themselves, and they live differently to most folks. It not just that they live overseas – they tend to be open minded, highly independent, and they generally hope that their kids will be the same. It’s for this reason that Montessori schools tend to win a lot of support in cities like this one with a strong expat community. Perhaps unfairly, the Montessori Method is sometimes considered a little on the fringe in a number of developed countries with

  • Choosing an International School

    A brief overview of some of the considerations you’ll need to make as an expat parent.

    Choosing an International School for your child is one of the most difficult, expensive, and time-consuming exercises you’ll have to face as an expat. When it comes to choosing which amongst Saigon’s international schools you’re eventually going to settle on, you’ll need to be aware first of the criteria that distinguish between them. These are by no means straightforward, and the following checklist is far from exhaustive:       Which international

  • Adoption Law

    Vietnamese law allows for foreigners to adopt Vietnamese children under certain conditions.

    Disclaimer on Legal Documents Published on Atexpats The direct translations of Vietnamese legal bulletins and laws published on this website are not in themselves official documents, and are provided for educational and reference purposes only. While these versions are believed to be relatively accurate, Atexpats is not a legal agency and is not licensed nor qualified to interpret Vietnamese law in any official capacity. For the most accurate legal information, please consult with a registered

  • Ao Dai Making

    The art of elegance and precision.

    To answer the most pressing question of expat ao dai lovers out there – yes, there are indeed classes in making these extraordinary garments available in Ho Chi Minh City, and they are open to expat students. As an exquisite article of clothing in its own right, it’s no surprise that many foreign fans of the ao dai are prepared to extend the same interest and enthusiasm in the appreciation of the garment as they are towards learning how to make their own. Making an ao dai is neither

  • Leaving your Vehicle Behind

    You’re not getting your scooter on the luggage rack on your flight out of here.

    Settling down in Ho Chi Minh City can be difficult enough – but you’re likely to face just as many issues when you leave. If you’ve bought a vehicle, you’ll need to decide on the best way to deal with it when you move on, whether permanently or otherwise. If you’re selling your car or bike, it’s ideal if you can sell it on to someone you know and trust if you want to avoid risky transactions. If that’s not an option, an agent may be able to help you

  • Ao Ba Ba

    The unpretentious costume of the south.

    While the colourful áo tứ thân and multi-layered áo ngũ thân are the signature dresses associated with high culture in northern Vietnam, the unpretentious áo bà ba is a symbol of normal people living simple lives in rural areas. In fact, this outfit is closely associated with the southern provinces of Vietnam: the clean, functional cut being representative of good-natured folk that are down to earth and have little time (or use) for ceremony.

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