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  • [Asia-Vietnam] Converting Your License

    Are you legal on the road in Ho Chi Minh City?

    One of the most commonly-asked expat-related questions in Ho Chi Minh City and the source of many expat myths, the subject of how to become licensed to drive in this town causes no end of frustration amongst foreigners, so much so that the majority allegedly ignore the problem altogether and drive without doing any paperwork at all. This is unnecessary – there are clear answers to the question, and relatively clear procedures in resolving your licensing issues for good so that you never

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Work Permit Exemptions

    Legally employed without a permit.

    Disclaimer on Legal Documents Published on Atexpats The direct translations of Vietnamese legal bulletins and laws published on this website are not in themselves official documents, and are provided for educational and reference purposes only. While these versions are believed to be relatively accurate, Atexpats is not a legal agency and is not licensed nor qualified to interpret Vietnamese law in any official capacity. For the most accurate legal information, please consult with a registered

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Saigon Yoga

    Stretch your way to fitness and good health.

    Yoga has had a presence in Ho Chi Minh City since the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until the last decade that this healthy form of exercise began to grow in popularity as more and more people came to recognise the advantages it represented. During this period, running a yoga centre was one of the most lucrative health businesses in the city, and instructing in yoga was a respected, fashionable, and relatively high-earning position. Due to its wild popularity, however, yoga in Vietnam (and

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Therapeutic Massages for Pregnant Women

    Relieve the tension for baby’s sake.

    Therapeutic massage for pregnant women has gradually become more popular and in significantly higher demand over the last few years in Vietnam than it was previously. Once scientific research actually established that massage for pregnant women was a really good idea, the number of women interested in the service began to climb in the hope that undergoing regular massage would bring on distinct benefits during labour. Despite this huge demand, however, therapeutic massage services for pregnant

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Children’s Dental Care

    Kicking and screaming.

    Among children the world over, the dentist’s office may well be the most loathed place on the face of the planet. But even though some parents have to literally drag their young ones to the dentist’s chair while they’re kicking and screaming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here in HCMC, there is a fast-growing niche of child-friendly dental clinics that make regular check-ups and routine procedures a tearless affair. One question that parents often ask is when you should start taking your kids

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Professional Renovators

    Give your living space a new lease of life.

    Don’t like the way your apartment looks? You’re not alone – the home renovations business is a rising trend in Ho Chi Minh City, and there are a number of professional local and foreign design firms around offering services in redesigning, reorganising, and redividing interiors. Many local residential blocks rent out and sell brand-new apartments as concrete shells without any interior work done at all (although this is increasingly rare), so these business regularly work on

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