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  • [Asia-Vietnam] Cosplay

    Release the inner otaku.

    Cosplay is short for "costume play" and is a word coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi to represent role play while wearing the costumes of fictional characters. Participants usually dress and act as characters from popular Japanese graphic novels (manga, anime, tokusatsu), comic strips, games, and even hentai and non-fiction movies. More generally, roles could include pop/rock stars, Taiwanese puppets, and imaginary characters; moreover, the characters sometimes come from musical stories, classic

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Baking Utensils and Supplies

    The smell of freshly-baked bread… at home!

    Sweetened white bread, taro-filled pastries, and croissants that have never seen a smidgen of butter… For many an expat, walking through the door of a local bakery for the first time is akin to entering a parallel universe where the art of baking has gone terribly wrong. While there are some quality Western bakeries in the city, why not take matters into your own hands? Here’s your guide to finding everything you need to make your favourite baked treats at home. So we’re not

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Hair Stylists

    Who wouldn’t want to look like a Korean?

    There’s an old Vietnamese proverb that emphasises the importance of hair to a person’s beauty. It’s not too difficult to see how well a person looks after themselves by taking a look at their locks – the long, silky cascade over the shoulders or smooth-shaven neck speaks volumes about the wearer. With local people perhaps being particularly conscious of this, hairdressing and styling has increasingly become a boom industry in this town. Getting the beauty thing on A

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Birthing Options

    Don’t be pushed into having anything less than the birth you really want in Ho Chi Minh City.

    For expats, the prospect of giving birth in a foreign country is about as nerve-wracking as it gets – especially one where they don’t speak the same language and without as well-developed an infrastructure as back home. The one point of consolation in the case of Vietnam is that with its immense population, you’d think local doctors would be particularly experienced in delivering babies. It’s almost time now This may well be the case, but the reality is – no

  • [Asia-Vietnam] HCMC’s Thai Cuisine

    The sweet burn of Siam.

    The sweet burn of Thai cuisine is one of the reasons why many choose to return to the land of smiles. However, it’s easy to get a taste of Thailand without making the trip, as there are plenty restaurants in HCMC ready to serve up the fiery feast that you crave. Although it seems unlikely at first glance, there are quite a few similarities shared between Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. For one, many dishes of both cuisines are dominated by three flavours: spicy, sweet, and sour. Also, some of the

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Dry Cleaning and Laundry

    The power of the “DRY CLEAN ONLY” tag.

    Road rules, safety procedures, and all sorts of regulations have one thing in common: they are all occasionally broken. There is, however, one directive that is universally followed all over the world, and that is the simple directive “DRY CLEAN ONLY”. This small tag has an almost mystical power that is the envy of “No Smoking” and “Fasten Seatbelts” signs the world over. The good news is that HCMC is not lacking for dry cleaning shops that can take care of high-maintenance garments. Even

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