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  • [Asia-Vietnam] Mangoes

    Time to make boolooloop soon.

    No Southeast Asian is worthy of the name without a certain level of pride and passion for the ever-juicy mango. There are so many varieties and subtle variations in flavour that a connoisseurship for mangoes is about as complex as an appreciation for fine wines. Regionalism amongst mango lovers can be fierce – if you value your friendship with a local Vietnamese, never mention your penchant for foreign mangoes if you can help it. The best mangoes are always “our” mangoes

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Engagement & Wedding Rings

    If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.

    An engagement ring may not have been quite what you expected you’d be shopping for when you moved to Vietnam – but here we are. One of the first questions you may have (besides where to find one) is whether or not it’s even customary for a lady to wear a ring to signify her betrothal at all in this country. Traditionally, it’s more complicated than that – Vietnam has a total of fourteen procedures and rituals concerning weddings that date back centuries. With

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Flower Delivery

    From elegant bouquets to elaborate arrangements, they deliver.

    Whether you’re visiting a friend’s house for dinner or looking to congratulate a colleague at work, giving flowers is a universally-appreciated gesture all over the world. Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient to stop by the florist when you want to help someone celebrate a special occasion, or even to brighten your better half’s day with a surprise while you’re out of town. This is why many flower shops in HCMC now offer a convenient delivery service, which

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Types of Police in Vietnam

    The “who can tell you to do what” of living in HCMC.

    Many expats are used to having just one police force that takes care of various aspects of public security, from enforcing traffic rules to dealing with crisis situations. In Vietnam, however, there are three main forces and one auxiliary one, each having its own set of responsibilities and scope of authority over the country’s citizens. The multitude of uniforms might seem confusing at first, but in reality it’s fairly easy to tell them apart from each other. The real trick is

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Vietnamese Zodiac

    Finding meaning in numbers

    Vietnam is home to at least 54 ethnic groups, and when it comes to talking about the country’s culture, it is one of the most diverse places in the world. Even among the most populous Viet group, there are some significant differences between the conservative northern provinces and the more relaxed south. However, if there is one aspect that could be said to unite the whole country culturally, it would be the universal belief in luck. In fact, most people here take it as a given that

  • [Asia-Vietnam] Spa Services for Men

    Still not mainstream.

    As the city’s denizens enjoy ever-increasing levels of disposable income, many of them have started seeking out professional spa services to relax after tiring hours at work. The majority of the customers belong to the fairer sex, but it’s not uncommon now for men to take a spa day. Bucking traditions in style (source: Miumiu Spa) Until very recently there was no such thing as a men’s spa in HCMC. The main reason was cultural – in Vietnam, visiting a spa is largely seen

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